Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rune Memory. ($1.99, version 1.1)

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Edit: When I published this review this morning the game was $1.99. I just noticed the game has been lowered to $0.99. If you don't have a memory game and want one, this has great sounds and graphics. And if the price being lowered has anything to do with this review, that means the developer is very responsive to feedback and we could very well see improvements in this app's future.

This is a memory game, in which you turn and match pairs of tiles in order to clear them from the board. There's some Zelda-esque music while you play. There's a little clink noise when you match a pair. That's it for music and sound effects. The music is relaxing and pleasant, but there's no way to turn it off (other than lowering the volume). There's a bit of a loading time when starting the game, and it's probably related to the relatively large size of the app (for a memory game, that is) at 22.2 megs.

From the title screen you have to screen to get to the board, but it doesn't say anywhere. It'd be great for it to have a Start button. Games are not saved from session to session. The ability to save would be a great addition.

A good twist is that not only do you have to match objects, you also have to match the color of the object.

When you make a match, both tiles get a ring of flowers around them which disappears in a few seconds. This game would NOT let me take a picture while two tiles were turned (first time I've encountered this), so you'll just have to take my word for it.

The game screen includes a 4X5 board, an option to reset the board, how much time has elapsed, and your best time so far. There doesn't seem to be a way to reset the best time. A little butterfly flutters across the screen, disappears, reappears. There's four pairs of flowers in bloom.

The Good: Relaxing music and polished graphics.

The Bad: Too basic. Not enough options. No saving. Bit of a load time every time you start a game.

The Ugly: No option to turn the sound off.

Bottom Line: Too basic right now. There's tons of memory games at the app store and others have more options. If you want a memory game with pretty graphics and relaxing music, this is a good choice, but I wouldn't recommend at the $2 price tag. Add boards of different sizes and maybe a storyline where you progress through boards of escalating difficulties, and this could easily go up a buck and still be highly recommended. If you want a memory game and are trying to decide which to get, this has more polished graphics than others and the sound is a plus also. So if you want a memory game this is as good as other options and better in the graphics and sound areas, but lacks options.

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